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I found in reading yesterday Andrew Murray's, 'The Ministry of Intercession' a detailed word that spoke to my heart on this matter.  There are 6 things that are "marks of an intercessor": that Murray identifies; I liste the six things and then follow with my own thoughts on them.  I have been examining them and meditating on them for my own self:

  1. A sense of human Need - looking upon situations, souls and conditions that need rises within us to say the words and think the thoughts, 'They need Jesus'; sin always produces the this sense of human need of a great Savior and God;
  2. Christ like love in the heart - to be Christ like;  not just love, but Divine love; for no man has any greater love than this, than that he lays down his life for those that he loves;  the great need produces compassion and empathy
  3. Consciousness of Personal Importence - what power do I have?  Absolutely none.  ONly in Him, through Him and by Him can anything be done for His kingdom.  OH, how we have forgotten this with the onslaught of humanism.
  4. Faith in the Power of Prayer - 'but without faith it is impossible to please Him';  Absolute faith in Him that He can and will do His Divine will and way in the things that we bring to Him
  5. Courage to Persevere in Spite of Refusal - the lost art and knowledge of importunity;  'I will not be denied.  'Satan and flesh cannot keep me from this'.  It is learning patience, steadfast; this is not what we see today, in 'hit and miss' praying.
  6. Assurance of Abundant Reward - fruit shall be gleaned from sowing and laboring;

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Thanks for posting this!  I am GREATLY encouraged by the "Courage to Persevere in Spite of Refusal...I will not be denied."  I have been crying and crying over a person that I have been praying for and do not seem to be seeing the answers to prayer that I would like to be seeing.  A few days ago, I asked God for some encouragement in this area.  Thank you! 

I am greatly encouraged by both your postings and praising God that He has let me see that personal intercession is a battle of persevering in prayer!  God bless you both~


Thanks for this! Always good to be reminded to persevere and that there are many of us out there!


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