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--A Ministry of the National Day of Prayer Task Force


America Needs Unified Prayer!

You do not have to look very hard to see that we are in trouble as a nation. Anger and a lack of civility abound. We are headed into a mid-term election of enormous importance--the results of which have the potential to increase the unrest.

But take courage! I am filled with hope. Why? Because every significant revival in history came during a time of social unrest. We could be on the cusp of a powerful revival and spiritual awakening in our nation.

It is time to rally prayer all across America!

Here are two tools to help you pray . . . and to rally others to pray as well.

1. Review and Download Our Free Election Prayer Guide

2. I recommend purchasing With One Cry: A Renewed Effort to Pray for America. This book by NDP Board Chairman, Dave Butts, will encourage and equip you to pray.

And I will give you a 50% discount!

Use Code Election50 at checkout to receive 50% off all copies of With One Crythat you purchase.


Jon Graf


Save 50% on Back Issues of NDP's magazine, Prayer Connect

From now until the end of November, all back issues of Prayer Connect are on sale at 50% off (does not include current issue "Where Are You God?").

Retail Price is $6.00. But you can purchase each issue for $3.00 or less if you buy mulitple copies of an issue.

Stock up on issues you do not have in your set! Purchase bulk copies for your friends or church family of an issue you were especially blessed by!

Stock your church Prayer Room.

Topics Available:

Prayer and Power: Lessons from Acts
Prayer and the Holy Spirit
Prayer 101: Back to Basics
Hope for a World in Turmoil
From Knees to Action
Watch and Pray
John 17
The Psalms
There's Still Hope
Leaders Who Pray
Embracing Intimacy
Transforming Prayer
Beyond the Obvious
Rediscovering Fasting
Awakening on Campuses
Faith and Prayer
Hindrances to Prayer
God Speaks
The Power of Praise
Ask for the Nations
Hope Undaunted
Living in the Upper Room
Releasing Children to Pray
The Lord Is Near
Open Hearts, Open Doors
Stand Firm & Strong
The Place Was Shaken
As the Waters Cover the Seas
Fresh Fire
Can Prayer Save America?

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Resources at PrayerShop

--A Ministry of the National Day of Prayer Task Force


Join Us as We Pray for America!

31 Days of Prayer for My Nation is a new compilation devotional-prayer initiative that focuses on repentance and prayer for the United States. Content is written by authors such as Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Dave Butts, Jon Graf, Kim Butts, Kay Hormer, Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, and more.

Each day will challenge and inspire you to pray with more passion and hope for our nation.

Many believers are planning to use this resource in a united prayer initiative from July 1-31 to cry out to God asking Him to bless our nation again. 


Starter Kit Will Fuel Ideas and Passion

If you have any role where you are involved in the leadership of growing prayer in your church, than you need the Prayer Leader Starter Kit.

This Kit includes 6 of the best books available on raising the level of prayer in a church . . . and in the Kit they are 33% off the retail price if purchased separately!

Check it out now! 


New Issue Making a Stir!

The latest issue of Prayer Connect magazine, themed "Supernatural Partnership: Prayer and the Holy Spirit" is receiving great interest. Our online traffic to the issue is stronger than most previous issues and as it is hitting the mailboxes of our subscribers, people are responding.

If you are not a subscriber, we encourage you to purchase a copy. You won't be sorry. If you do subscribe, why not purchase additional copies for your friends!

Also, check out this great article on what it means to pray in the Spirit from that issue. Onlne access is open to the public.

"Prayer That Scatters Demons" by Leighann McCoy


NDP Event Resources

Only 5 more weeks until the National Day of Prayer. Have you planned your event yet? Purchased your promotional resources? We encourage you to do that now! Click below to see all that is available.

NDP Unity Resources

Resources at PrayerShop

--A Ministry of the National Day of Prayer Task Force

Join an Army of Intercessors as We Pray for Our Nation Together!

Tens of thousands of believers will be praying through the exciting new 31-day prayer devotional 31 Days of Prayer for My Nation July 1-31.

We encourage you to get a copy now to review it. Then rally those in your circle of influence to join you in July as we lift up unified prayer on behalf of our nation.

Multiple copy discounts are available with 15 or more copies.


Help Your Kids Learn to Approach Jesus with Any Problem

Prayers for Difficult Times for Kids is a practical guide of short prayer starters that will help boys and girls ages 8 to 12 pray confidently during difficult times and times where something is bothering them.

Includes devotional thoughts and prayer starters for 50 topics including:

Being Bullied
My Siblings Drive Me Crazy
My Friend Doesn't Know Jesus
Teased Because of My Looks


Be Inspired by the Founding Fathers!

Inspired Prayers is a new resource from Dave Kubal of Intercessors for America that encourages you to pray for our nation, using the Scriptures that motivated our founding fathers.

These prayer points and Scriptures focus on the very things our nation needs today!

image is a ministry of the National Day of Prayer Task Force

Resources at PrayerShop

--A Ministry of the National Day of Prayer

Experience More of God's Presence and Power!

3 Effective Resources for Your Church and Family

This email highlights the works of leading prayer expert, Cheryl Sacks. Cheryl is a best-selling author and inspirational speaker whose content will make you thirsty to pray and discover more of God.

Her "Saturate" series (The Prayer Saturated Church, Prayer Saturated Kids and The Prayer Saturated Family) have blessed and mentored tens of thousands of individuals to go deeper into prayer and have greatly impacted thousands of churches.

We are offering a special on her books at

Use Code "Saturate" at checkout to save $2.00 on each copy purchased.


The Book Every Prayer Leader Needs

A must have for every church, The Prayer Saturated Church provides all the step-by-step, practical help any pastor or prayer leader needs to mobilize, organize, and motivate believers to make their church a house of prayer.

"Next to the Bible, this is the book I would put in the hands of a local church prayer leader."--Jonathan Graf, President of the Church Prayer Leaders Network

Use Code "Saturate" at checkout to save $2.00 on each copy purchased.


Children Can Be Prayer Warriors

There is no junior Holy Spirit in children who follow Christ. It is the same Holy Spirit in all believers. As a result, kids can become powerful and effective prayer warriors.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or church leader, Prayer Saturated Kids will give you all the encouragement and guidance you need to pray with and for the children in your life and to teach them to pray for themselves. Every chapter includes a "Take It Out of the Box" section to show you how to use the principles in a children's ministry or homeschool setting.

Use Code "Saturate" at checkout to save $2.00 on each copy purchased.


Families Can Experience God's Presence, Too

Would you like to see the atmosphere change in the home of someone you know? Your home? One of your adult children's homes? The homes of young families in your church?

The Prayer Saturated Family is filled with real life stories of families who experienced powerful transformational results when they put the principles of this book into practice.

Use Code "Saturate" at checkout to save $2.00 on each copy purchased.

To Invite Cheryl to Speak:

(602) 977-1111, x101


Resources at PrayerShop

--A Ministry of the National Day of Prayer Task Force

Bar none, the most effective way to get the most people in your church praying, is by holding a prayer initiative. That is where everyone prays on a similar theme for 30 or 40 days. (Read about that in my article 3 Starting Points to Grow Prayer in Your Church.) You may want to plan one for your church starting in September (or January). Check out "The Prayer Initiative Sampler Pack" below for ideas.

We at PrayerShop and the National Day of Prayer highly recommend that you consider engaging your congregation this year in an all-church prayer initiative. It could change your church forever!

Jon Graf, Publisher


Preview the Best Prayer Initiatives Available

The Prayer Initiative Sampler Packincludes 9 different 30 or 40-day devotional prayer guides that can be used in all-church prayer initiatives. Normally sold seperately for $78.93, purchase together for $45.99 (and receive free shipipng in the U.S.)!

Get the pack to preview which guide would be the best fit for your church or prayer group.

Plan a 30-40-day prayer initiative for the Fall.

Get Your Congregation Praying! 


It's Time You Connected!

I know you are a person with an interest in prayer. You have a desire to grow in your personal prayer life and you might also be someone who has the role in his or her church to help others grow in prayer as well.

The best prayer resource you could have is our quarterly, full color magazine, Prayer Connect. Each issue has a theme, a Bible study, some general articles on prayer, ideas, news of what God is doing through prayer around the world, and more. Each issue will inspire, challenge and equip you to get more connected with Jesus in prayer. Plus, as a subscriber you can continual access online to all our back issues! More than 450 articles on prayer!

Subscribe today and your first issue will be "Prayer and Power: Lessons from Acts."


Need a Bible Study for Yourself or Group This Summer?

Pray Like the King is a unique 8-week prayer study that looks at some of the prayers of Israel's kings. It ends with the pray of the King of Kings in John 17.

You will glean principles of prayer for your own prayer lives. is a ministry of the National Day of Prayer Task Force.


--A Publication of the National Day of Prayer Task Force


Our newest issue of Prayer Connect is now live online and will soon be in the mail for our print subscribers!

Prayer and Power: Lessons from Acts will inspire and challenge you as you look at what Acts reveals about prayer in the spread of the gospel, in decision-making and in everyday life!

Below are direct links to the online articles. Remember, you will need to login at to view most of these articles.


Jon Graf

Announcing June Back Issue Super Sale!

All copies of any past issue of Prayer Connect are on special 
through June 30 at 20% off!

Use CODE: summer20 at checkout to receive the discount.

Fill in your set, buy copies of an issue you particularly like to give to your friends or prayer team. Buy them between now and June 30 and save (must use code summer20 at checkout to receive discount).


Theme Introduction

Carol Madison, Editor

When the editorial staff of Prayer Connectdecided to do an issue of the magazine on the topic of prayer in the Book of Acts, I took the summer of 2017 to pray my way through Acts.

Read More


The Impact of Prayer

Timeless Insights from the Early Church

By Dick Eastman

Dr. A.T. Pierson, a contemporary of evangelist Dwight L. Moody, wrote, “Generally, if not uniformly, prayer is both starting-point and goal to every movement in which are the elements of permanent progress. Wherever the Church’s sluggishness is aroused and the world’s wickedness arrested, somebody has been praying.”1

This was certainly true of the early Church.

Read more . . .


Before You Make a Move

The Role of Prayer in Decision-Making

By Daniel Henderson

In late November 2003, I preached at a very large church in Minnesota—part of a potential call as their next senior pastor. The congregation had been through difficult storms. They had recently moved into a brand-new, 360,000-square-foot facility on massive acreage. The building featured a 4,200-seat worship center.

Just weeks after the relocation, they discovered moral failure in their dynamic pastor of 15 years.

Read more . . .

Non-Theme Articles


Joyful Expectation

An Unlikely Key to Finding Joy in Prayer

By Pierre Eade

Is it possible to experience a refreshing joy in prayer? I am convinced that our times with the Lord are always meant to be exuberantly joyful.

Read more . . .


Once They Leave Home

Covering College Students in Prayer

By Joyce Godsen

Ben was the poster child of a college-bound student. He was homecoming king of his high school class and gave the opening address at his graduation. His fellow students and teachers loved him. Ben loved Jesus and was a shining light for the Lord in his public school.

Read more . . .

PrayerShop 2800 Poplar St Suite 43-L Terre Haute, Indiana 47803 United States (812) 238-5504

Resources at PrayerShop

--A Ministry of the National Day of Prayer Task Force


Would you like to save money on every prayer resource you purchase?

How about pay prices that are lower than Amazon's?

Then you need to get a Platinum membership to the Church Prayer Leaders Network. Once you join, when you shop at, you receive a 10-20% discount off our already discounted prices! Orders of $40 or more are free shipping in the U.S. If you buy at least $60 of products in a year, you will have paid for your membership in savings!

Click Here to Join

Below a few recommended resources you can start saving on!

Be sure to check out our August special on "Fresh Fire: Hope for a Christ-Centered Revival." 67% off!


Jon Graf
Vice President of Publishing and Resources


Would You Like to See Revival in the Church?

You will be blessed by "Fresh Fire: Hope for a Christ-Centered Revival."

An early issue of Prayer Connect, "Fresh Fire" will encourage and challenge you to continue to pray. It will help you better target your prayers. It will fill your prayer group with hope.

From now through the month of August we are offering this excellent resource on revival at 67% off our normal discounted price.

Purchase it for $1.00 each. Buy copies for your small group, your entire congregation!


New Prayer Evangelism Study from Alvin VanderGriend

Loving People to Jesus will encourage and challenge your group to both pray for neighbors and share the love of Christ with them.

It is a simple, but in-depth study with 37 possible lessons that can be used in small groups and Sunday school classes to motivate people toward prayer and evangelism.


Is It Possible to Love to Pray?

Our Best-selling Prayer Devotional Has a New Look

Love to Pray has helped more than 100,000 individuals in hundreds of churches to experience an exciting, intimate, and joy-filled prayer life!

If you are looking for a resource to stimulate your own prayer life, or to inspire your congregation to pray as never before, this is the book.

Why not read it for yourself, or order it for your prayer group, or to use in an all-church 40-day prayer event this Fall? You will not be disappointed.

(Multiple Copy Discounts Available)

Also Available:

Love to Pray with Study Guide
40 Days of Prayer Resource Kit
Love to Pray DVD Group Presentations is a ministry of the National Day of Prayer Task Force



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