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 My families needs may not appear to be very much to some, but I trust that others can relate. We have come back from a trip up North, as we are now in the south, and it is different, to come back to a warmer based climate than what we use to have. We had a fair trip up and back. No major problems, but also no major needs met either. We were able to meet my daughters fiance, which was good to be able to do. They need prayer to be able to find a church that has hrs. that they can manage to meet with. Both work full time  and my daughter only has every other Sunday off he has late hrs. that really don't allow for consistent attendance. Both are Christian I have been told that he is, but have yet to hear his testimony. So it is a struggle to find a church that they can go to, and get the needed marriage counsel that is best. My daughter is reading books on the subject though and for that I am glad. It is good to know that she has the desire to do that. I need prayer for them, and for their future as well. He wants to change his work so he can go to church, but at the time now, I don't know how that will work for them. Thanks for the opportunity to share this . Also pray for my brother in law, and his family, as they have been through a bit of emotional stress themselves lately, with the loss of the mother for him, and their son who is married and a father himself, has had back surgery, that has a lot of 'return' visits to the hospital and back home again. I don't know how long they will be able to keep that up, but they need to be able to recover from that as well. He has two young boys, one in elementry school, and the other an infant. The mom needs to be remembered too, for her needs as caring for all three boys in her family.  Thanks for remembering that also . I have been praying for them, and know they would appreciate being remembered. I haven't been able to see his family, nor his brother and his wife since they were together many years ago now it seems. There are family issues there that make it difficult on my part to do that, my husband and his parents aren't willing to make that short visit up North to see them, and when we were there we didn't get to see them as it was only  a week that we were there. So that is a struggle I go through each time we are up in that area, only the grandparents are seen each time, but not the other family members. I feel that is not right but am not able to do much to reverse that situation. I am seen as the 'black sheep for wanting to try to do that.' . So I have to be silent when there about that subject. Other than that the trip went well.   Pray for all of those family members there up North. Thanks.

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