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Set up a "Prayer Stand' saturday (like you see some one selling fruit)

have been setting stand up since august 7 every saturday and have

had around 40 folks stop and ask for prayer.

this past saturday a young woman named Lilly  came to the stand

you could smell the beer long before she got close to you,she was drunk,and her words were very slurred.

She said that she needed help she needed God to help her she was tired of being  an alcoholic

she had been in a really bad accident a few years ago and her body was indeed damaged by the signs of scarring and she had lost part of her right foot.

We talked and asked her if she was saved she said yes but You could tell that she knew all about God,but never really 'knew God' another words God was only in her mind bit not in her heart.

We ministered with her a little while and then when she was ready she was led in prayer and she

sincerely invited God to save her and forgive her and she made Jesus her Lord & Savior.

we laid hands on her and prayed the prayer of faith the Holy Spirit fell on her and the tears began to flow

Instantly she was made sober !!!! Praise God" She was saved ,set free from bondage of alcohol

and her life was set on a new path.She left there walking steady ,talking normal ,and her head held high!!!!


there is a lot of folks in dire need of Christ

Listen  while we are inside our church buildings everyone is blessed, while outside

people are dying and going to hell

Church (thats you and me in Christ)

we need to get out and reach this nation where they are at

if you put on the whole armor of God it is not just to stand there and look pretty .When you put on armor

 you should be preparing to  go into battle!

Are You ready to join the war?

there are battles to be waged, we know that victory is already won,but we need to do our part

that is to follow Jesus command and

"Go into all the world"!!!!!!!!!!


How can we iniate a movement in this country of street evangelism?

lets share ideas.

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