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In your congregation, team, ministry, group:

  • WHO ~ is responsible to initiate/direct planning for prayer (training or teaching, meetings or ministry)?
  • WHAT ~ actions/events are on your calendar for the next 12 months?
  • WHERE ~ are the locations that "planned" prayer takes place throughout the year? (homes? as part of ongoing ministries, committees, and activities? worship services? neighborhoods? _______?)
  • WHEN ~ does planning take place (once a year? monthly?) and what approach/model do you utilize to discern your strategies and goals?
  • WHY ~ is planning a difficult process in your context?
  • HOW ~ have you involved other leaders and ages, ministries and families, in the planning process?

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I have a question to the people who are listing themselves under the "who" question.  Are you the only person leading, planning, holding training, etc.?  Do you have a team or a group that you meet with to help you plan?  I am the prayer coordinator at my church and work directly with the pastor; however, sometimes, I think it would be beneficial to have a group to go to that I could bounce ideas off of and/or pray with for planning purposes.  Just wondering how others are managing that.  Obviously the pastor's scope is much wider than prayer ministry so I sometimes feel like I am trying to plan and prepare without much help.  Any ideas?

I'm very blessed to have an active prayer team (5-6 people) that helps with the planning and the prayer team meets regularly with our praise team to plan things specific to Sunday mornings. Once or twice a year I'll meet with the pastor to talk big picture/long term dreams for the ministry.
Quick reply to affirm the need for a team to help you discern direction, so that, you can say "It seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us."
Who) the unofficial prayer leader and the pastor together.
What) Prayer services twise a year, weekly prayer meetings, and a week in january where all chuchs in the area meet for praying together for our country, one weekend seminar on prayer by a teacher.
Where) we normaly meet in the church and in home groups.
When) once a year with the mainplaning and later as we see the needs - and get thoughs about new ways of doing prayers.
Why)becourse people don´t realise the importence of prayer and don´t set aside time for it - think it is boring and to quiert an aktivity, I guess. It is hard to inspirate - they are use to hear the same voice speaking :-)
Personaly I miss your magazine very much - I think it is hard to find all the good stuff here on the web-site but I try because it is my way of getting new inspiration.
How) have involved the smallgroup leaders. the board and the pastor so it includes from teens to olders.
We are a small congregation in Denmark with 60-70 members and 2-5 people attend our prayer meetings.

Love in Christ.
Lone from Denmark.

What:  Weekly intercessory prayer meetings to pray for congregation's new requests; Bi Weekly "Hedge the Pastor" meetings to pray for and with our pastors.; pray-ers at communion altar monthly during communion;working on other, future events

When: planning takes place "when needed" Only a small group actively involved.  Tough to get others to participate

Why: We have pastor support, but not strong song. support

How: Encouragement at monthly Church Council meetings; encouragement to Stephen's Ministry and other ministries in the church

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