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In your congregation, team, ministry, group:

  • WHO ~ is responsible to initiate/direct planning for prayer (training or teaching, meetings or ministry)?
  • WHAT ~ actions/events are on your calendar for the next 12 months?
  • WHERE ~ are the locations that "planned" prayer takes place throughout the year? (homes? as part of ongoing ministries, committees, and activities? worship services? neighborhoods? _______?)
  • WHEN ~ does planning take place (once a year? monthly?) and what approach/model do you utilize to discern your strategies and goals?
  • WHY ~ is planning a difficult process in your context?
  • HOW ~ have you involved other leaders and ages, ministries and families, in the planning process?

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ALan - is this a congregation or a ministry organization?

Love those reality stories of God at work in and through his Church.

Does your congregation have a prayer coordinator (you?)? a Prayer Team?


We're a small congregation, 85-90 people right now. We usually have 5-6 folks, all adults, at our weekly meeting. Our pastor attends when he is able (he's usually here when his son doesn't have little league) but unfortunately our elders and deacons don't participate in the prayer ministry. From what I have read in the past we seem to be average percentage wise but I keep praying others in leadership will become an active part of this ministry.

Thanks for the great testimony, Stephanie. Any plans to keep going? ... Recently we added a link to news & info - as much as possible with a Greater LA/SoCal focus - found at:

We get the feeling that none of us wants to stop. However, it will probably morph a bit. The 5am prayer slot is the most popular with about 35 regularly attending.  Now, of course, the elders were "required" to show up at 5am.

Was this comment intended for Stephanie?

Yes ...  (:>)

We do not have a prayer leader.  We have a few intercessors. Most of the congregation-wide prayer is spearheaded by pastor.

I connect with Pastor about Seek God for the City and he decides if we will participate. We also hold a Global Day of Prayer gathering in our church along with about 8 other churches. In addition, Austin is covered in 24/7/365 prayer. We call it Unceasing Prayer. What happens is that we get about 35 or more churches throughout Austin who each agree to cover a 24-hour period each month. (Sometimes we have two churches on one day,) For instance, my church takes the 2nd Tuesday of each month. I facilitate this group by signing up people who will pray each month for one hour for a year. I send them email and text messages to remind them to pray. I give them a copy of Seek God for the City to help them pray for the different aspects of our city. I share about Unceasing Prayer with leaders all the time. This is a wonderfully uncomplicated, easy-to-replicate way to cover any city with continuous prayer.

Again .. a great God story. Has anyone done a story on the what, how, why and results you've described?

No one in our congregation is currently designated with the responsibility for initiating and directing planning for prayer. When congregational prayer events take place, they are typically organized by one or more of the elders or occasionally by another interested person. This approach may appear to be slipshod, but it has resulted at least in part by the fact that three of our six pastoral staff have left during the past year, including the lead pastor. Our new lead pastor will start in August, and it is not yet clear what role he envisions congregational prayer will have in our body life.

No congregational actions are on the calendar for the next twelve months. However, small groups use our Prayer Room weekly. This includes the staff (one weekly meeting), elders (monthly), and those praying for Sunday services (two weekly meetings).

Planned prayer typically takes place in the Prayer Room. When all-congregational prayer events occur (two in the past year), these utilize the Worship Center. However, ministry teams gather for prayer as part of their meetings and, of course, small groups frequently make generous use of prayer as well.

Planning occurs in no specified way, time or with a specified group of people.

Planning may be difficult because no one is assigned this responsibility, and those who are so motivated have accepted a variety of other critical responsibilities in the congregation. However, perhaps we are relying on the Holy Spirit to stir motivated people to lead such efforts, and that may not be all bad.

When an event is planned, people who are known to have an interest in prayer are contacted and invited to participate in various ways. They typically respond well.

Who - Lead Pastor; Associate Pastor; Me (prayer ministry coordinator - unofficial title)

What - Evening Prayer second Tuesday of each month; special prayer times to bathe a church event in prayer, example VBS, Beth Moore Simulcast in September, Christmas, Easter; prayer ministry team involved in Breakthrough Prayer Lab - a year commitment; praying with pastor who is preaching or special speaker before each of two services, prayer vigils here and there.

Where - Mostly at church; prayer lab will be at a retreat setting; prayer box at local coffee house; Chapel Prayer Room at church (utilized by staff on a daily basis and drop-ins from the church and community).

When - monthly; approach/model - discussion, looking at church calendar

Why - planning difficult?  No.

How - working on it. 

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