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In your congregation, team, ministry, group:

  • WHO ~ is responsible to initiate/direct planning for prayer (training or teaching, meetings or ministry)?
  • WHAT ~ actions/events are on your calendar for the next 12 months?
  • WHERE ~ are the locations that "planned" prayer takes place throughout the year? (homes? as part of ongoing ministries, committees, and activities? worship services? neighborhoods? _______?)
  • WHEN ~ does planning take place (once a year? monthly?) and what approach/model do you utilize to discern your strategies and goals?
  • WHY ~ is planning a difficult process in your context?
  • HOW ~ have you involved other leaders and ages, ministries and families, in the planning process?

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Who- I routinely lead the planning, trainings, meetings, and ministry.

What- Jamaica Missions; school, community, and church leader-focused prayer events; prayer trainings, prayer workshops, prayer walking trainings, possibly some prayer evangelism outreaches as well.

Where- Homes, schools, churches, neighborhoods- encouraging people to pray on site wherever they are!

When- Planning happens on an ongoing basis.  Annual goals are prayed through and printed, and approved by our Board each December.

Why- The only struggle I have with planning happens as I set annual ministry goals, then sometimes need to adjust or drop them as the Lord adjusts our trajectory during the year.  Planning is most often a joyful experience following the Holy Spirit's leading.

How- People who experience trainings, prayer walks, and other OnSite-led activities often approach us to set up or arrange additional activities.  We pray through these together, then coordinate and plan as the Spirit leads.

Rob Griepentrog - OnSite International, Inc.

who) prayer ministry leader (myself)
what) weekly prayer meetings, various prayer activities during Sunday worship, prayer walks, daily prayer for Pastor and his family
where) church, neighborhoods, homes
when) planning is done in conjunction with praise team, with pastor and amongst prayer team
why) lack of time to commit to new ideas is our biggest obstacle
how) like any relationship it's all about communication :)

Great Questions! So simple. So practical. Without leadership, the prayer process does not more forward. I think our current mindset, a 'prayer requests' disposition, creates, even among prayer leaders, a kind of reactive, rather than proactive posture. The idea of cultivating prayer, strategic prayer, even systematically consistent prayer among intercessors, has not caught on fully. I am still amazed when I suggest that prayer is more than asking, more than a requisition system - that it is the heart of faith practice, the principle discipline, the great means by which I 'present myself to God daily,' that intercessors should be identified, mobilized and teamed, not as an exotic group-type, but as a prototype of people who passionately pray beyond their narrow slice of pain. Thanks for the simple, 'who, what, where, when' questions.


Who - the prayer coordinator

what - prayer breakfast, prayer groups in homes, prayer request box in the church foyer, weekly praying while the church service is running.

where - at the church, prayer groups in various homes

when - monthly, trial and error at this stage

why - lack of support

how - let the whole church know that they can be involved. Highlighted areas that they can get involved in. Posters around the church.


Since 2009 our Transform LA leadership team has chosen to use 8-9am each Saturday to do a conference call for praying over the various TLA-related needs, members and strategic emphases. Praying in our homes, or wherever we may be at the time allows us to save time and travel as our team members are spread all over Greater LA.

Thank you Mary ...

If you have time, expand on "lack of support" please. Sadly, many who lead in prayer experience various kinds of resistance and lack of interest.

Thanks and blessings,


Pray! Network Coordiantor

who- me- those who seek the LORD and are called

what- my next event is 9/11 and others

where- homes, county building, churches, courthouse

when- as i can with all that will monthly, weekly

why- yes fighting against evil darkness in high places

how- pastors, ministries, preachers,

Rob ~ 

Thanks for logging in the first reply!

Others ~

No mater when you read this, please take time to respond to the questions or updating an earlier reply.

Mega thanks!


Pray! Network Coordinator

Hi Phil,

Our pastor has called our congregation to pray for 9 months--from mid-February to mid-November. He has called for 9 months of daily on-site prayer at the church. I thought it was a little bit too radical at first. But I am faithfully there at 7pm each evening seeking God for our city, neighborhood and our congregation and it is changing my life. We have a choice of 3 different times to participate: 5am, 12 noon and 7pm. The entire congregation has been encouraged to participate. I am not talking about a large church. We have maybe 150-200 average attendance. But God is moving. Each day 40-60 people come to church to join their prayers with others.

Our church is situated in a triangle of the city that has been riddled by crime, drugs and poverty. We cannot keep doing what we always have done and expect a different response. We have had folks walk off the street at 5am seeking answers and they find Jesus. The same things happen during the other prayer times. We began with 40 days of fasting and we will end the 9 months with a 24-hour marathon of prayer. In the middle there have been and will be some additional extended times of prayer through the night.

The police department has called the church to find out what is happening because there has been a tremendous change in the atmosphere in the triangle.


What is the level of participation? Few-Some-Many? Leaders-Youth? ... 

Hey y'all ...

Doug is a national prayer leader - check out his home page ...

Dave ~ please give us the URL of the TLA website ...

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