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I have prayed for cancer among everything else that people come down with for twenty years.  My prayers for cancer have evolved through the years as I get Word of Knowledge from the Holy Spirit as I pray.  This stops cancer in its tracks.  All the doctors can find afterwards is a "cyst" ( a pocket of dead cells).  There is no recurrance if you pray for their whole body.

"In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I ask all carcinogens in (this person) be neutralized right now and escorted from her body. For any medicines given to (this person), may they have no harmful side effects but only do what the doctors benevolently intended for them to do. 

I speak death to all cancerous cells in her body right now, that these would die as befits righteousness.  Heavenly Father, I ask you to flush these dead cells out of her body and heal the damage they have done.

Heavenly Father, please repair the DNA damage radiation has done to her body and cells. May (this person) grow in wisdom and love. May (this person) grow in faith and hope. May (this person) be blessed in all she undertakes.

I break any generational curses of cancer upon this family, in Jesus' name.  I break the empowerment and assignments given any demons on (this person), their property and environments, especially idols and charms.  I command all evil influences to leave (this person) and these right now. 

For anyone who would work or conspire against (this person), I bind any unclean spirits over them and their properties to silence & impotence.  I ask these people to be drawn toward salvation in all areas of their lives.

I ask this in Jesus' holy name, Amen."

Getting this out is vital at this time, because Marxist Obamacare is simply medical control, to allow Christians and patriots to die of treatable diseases.  Cancer is treatable through prayer.  They will have to shoot us or starve us instead.

The Lord told me that when the DNA in human cells is damaged by radiation so the mitosis zipper doesn't check for a good copy, the cell is in pre-cancerous stage.  Then along comes a carcinogen chemical that damages the mitosis clock that determines how long to wait before the next mitosis.   This human cell goes into continual mitosis -- cancer.

Praying for "healing" of the cancer is off track.  You are asking for a miracle, not healing. What works well is to kill your rogue cells, straighten out the RNA zippers on the pre-cancerous cells and get rid of the carcinogens. That's the final stage for that cancer.

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