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Need your quick response to this alert:

          A member decided to leave Pray.Network.

          They included this message:
                    "just not sure how it works"


How our site "works" (functions and benefits) should not be simple and easy.

Help me improve the Pray.Network experience!

  • What is confusing?
  • Difficult?
  • What is missing that would equip you in your role as a prayer champion?
  • How can we make the site more functional/efficient? 
  • What "works" for you (beneficial)

I'll take a phrase or a paragraph

With you, seeking to #ReimaginePRAYER, for more to witness the glory of God


Curator and Coordinator

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I think everything is perfect just as it is.

Kind regards,


It's actually been a while since I looked at the site, so it may be difficult for me to really answer your questions specifically, but I will say that part of why I haven't been on or published on it was because I really wasn't sure how to do it. At the time I was swamped with transitioning out of IL, followed by being swamped with transitioning here to FL, followed by finding out I have stage 4 cancer and dealing with treatments (thankfully I seem to be responding well). I also had a period when I was getting spamish emails from people purportedly trying to connect from, but who clearly were from overseas and up to less pious activities than praying. 
That said, I haven't totally given up the idea of going back and seeing if I could figure it out. I had thought about trying later this summer or fall, as I am currently in the midst of two writing projects for EFCCL. However, I have quite a number of already written prayer articles and studies that I could upload to your site, if I could figure out how to do so. When I have the time to look, I can try to do a better job of answering, but as I write this I'm in the midst of writing the 10th of 14 articles for a summer series that I'm furiously trying to wrap up by tomorrow, so I can start studying for next year's 40 day Lenten devotional writing. I'll try to squeeze a peek at your site again in between the two projects. As I look at it briefly now, I can tell you've made changes since I last looked, so it's possible I would be able to navigate it better now than I could before. --Sheri

Maybe the member is asking about how prayer works rather than the site!  But an improvement that might help would be to make some of the very small print a bit larger, especially on the home page.

It is a bit overwhelming when someone first arrives because it us a new platform to learn. But that being said it is actually a very friendly site to use.

Maybe the reply just had to do with their ”need” and how they might us it rather than a critical response to the function of the website.

Thank you Sheri - we'd welcome any of those articles (or links to them) here on P.N

Just FYI ~ to post:

  1. Sign-In
  2. Select the location for the post:
  3.        Commentary = Your Blog:
  4.        Conversation = Discussions:
  5.        Photos:
  6. Type/Paste
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Had not thought of the comment referring to prayer itself,  Bruce - thanks!

I'll work on using larger print ... feel free to poke me when I forget (:>)

Grateful for your kind words ...

Thank you Kind - appreciate your postings on P.N!


I get a notice when my blogs/discussions have been approved and when someone has replied to them.

Is there anyway, on a weekly basis, to blast an e-mail to all members on the following options:

List of people who have posted in the past week; or

List of subject titles posted in the past week; or

List of subject titles and by whom posted in the past week; or

Simply the number of posts in the past week.

Create a link to a section called "New this Week" for any of the above options.

In His service,


When I first signed up, I thought Pray.Network would be a place where requests could be made and praying for the requests of others would be accomplished. I have posted photos of guys who have made commitments to Jesus, but no one has posted: "Praying for your friend." I have posted newsletters asking for prayer in certain areas, but no one has posted: "Praying for your concerns."

I have since found out that Pray.Network is not a "praying network" but a place to post blogs about prayer, books about prayer, articles about prayer, videos about prayer; but the "work" of prayer - which the blogs, books, articles, and videos all champion - is not done. From this one could conclude that Pray.Network is about being recognized as an author or thinker about praying, but not about the "work" of prayer.

Maybe this is the wrong place for encouraging others to get to the "work" of prayer by posting requests, praises, and supplications, and have responses of "Praying for you" to those same requests, praises, and supplications.

Maybe it should be.

Works great for me!  Thank you, Phil.

I see the purpose of this site a being discussions about prayer and how to encourage others to pray.  This is also a place to share ideas about why Americans pray so much less than when America was a God fearing nation and what God may want believers to do about that.

Anything posted here or on Discipleship.Network with my name next to it should have the word "by" preceded by the word "shared."  None of it is "my" thoughts or writing.  It is only the most accurate transcribing of prayer time with Him that I, a flawed human, can muster.

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