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Need your quick response to this alert:

          A member decided to leave Pray.Network.

          They included this message:
                    "just not sure how it works"


How our site "works" (functions and benefits) should not be simple and easy.

Help me improve the Pray.Network experience!

  • What is confusing?
  • Difficult?
  • What is missing that would equip you in your role as a prayer champion?
  • How can we make the site more functional/efficient? 
  • What "works" for you (beneficial)

I'll take a phrase or a paragraph

With you, seeking to #ReimaginePRAYER, for more to witness the glory of God


Curator and Coordinator

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Works great for me!  Thank you, Phil.

Hi Phil! The site has a lot of valuable information, but there is so much on the page it can be overwhelming. I usually use the search function to find the information that I'm looking for. Gary

Very helpful Gary.

i will try to find a less-is-more format,


What I find a little confusing is how the discussions/conversations are supposed to be different from the blog posts. There seems to be lots of stuff available, but it can be hard to find things & connect if you don't have lots of time to search or frequently visit. Maybe some more organization by topic for the blogs & as someone else suggested a regular (weekly/twice monthly) email for a couple items??? Maybe even asking questions could help with interaction/focusing on topics?

Thank you Charlotte,

Some are overwhelmed by the quantity of items, resources, postings.

If you have time, please give us a few tips on how you approach the site to find what you need/want?

Where do you go once you open the site on your browser?


Heavenly Father, thank You for Pray Network. It has been such a blessing to me and I know to others too. 

Lord, You have plans and purposes for each person who visits here. Let everyone who comes here be blessed and built up and refreshed in some way. And if they can't find want they need here - because only You are sufficient to provide everything for everyone at all times, lead them where they can be satisfied. 

Keep on blessing this fountain of lifegiving water and glorify Yourself.

Thank You, we praise You.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.


I am asking the Lord to use to bring a Spirit-led r"eimagination" of prayer to pastors and prayer champions across the globe.

Thank you for your faithful praying,




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